Using the Website



How long do your deliveries take?

The estimated delivery is usually 3 – 5 days, however certain items may take longer.

Do you offer NEXT DAY delivery?

We do offer next day delivery to most of the UK, please contact us on 01706 825522 for a quotation.

Do you deliver to site…?

Yes this is a service we can offer.

Can I collect from you?

Yes we offer a Click & Collect service by appointment only.

Do you deliver on Weekends?

Not as standard.  Our deliveries are made on working days.  But if you do need an urgent Saturday delivery we can accommodate on occasion.  This will incur a premium charge if / when possible.

Can I get a product sample?

Yes; samples of selected products are available to purchase for a small fee from our website.

Using the Website

Do I have to register?

No you do not have to register but it would be beneficial to you as we would keep you infomred of special offers based on items you purchase.

I’ve already registered; do I have to login to place an order?

No you can complete the checkout process as a guest if required however logging in would speed up your transactions.

Do you offer a Trade / Credit Account?

No, sorry.  We accept all major debit and credit cards. By prior arrangement you can pay in advance by cheque or BACS transfer, please contact us for further details. Please note that no goods will be dispatched until full cleared payment has been received.

Can you send me a Pro Forma Invoice?

If you want to pay by BACS we can send you an invoice before you pay.  Otherwise; just order online and in seconds you will be emailed a copy of your invoice.

Can I pay by Bank Transfer?

Yes, please contact us and we will email you our account details.

Can I print off Data Sheets and Installation Guides?

Yes most of our info is supplied in PDF, including COSHH, Technical Data Sheets and Product Brochures – there for you to download & print, free of charge at your will. If you can’t find what you’re looking for we’ll be happy to send them across, please request any documentation by email sales@roofin.co.uk.


Do you offer an installation service?

We’re afraid not, we only supply the goods.  But pop your postcode in on insullite and you can find someone to help.

Do I need to ventilate a pitched roof if I am using Breather Felt?

This is a very controversial question that many experts in the Roofing Industry continually argue over. It is our opinion that it would be more beneficial to ventilate in all Pitch Roofing Installations, regardless of type of Felt being used.

How can I prevent my felt at the eaves from rotting or soaking up moisture from the gutter?

We would recommend the use of Rigid Felt Support Trays fitted at the eaves, allowing you to cut you Roofing Felt short of the gutter, and fixing to the trays with double sided tape.

How many 500 x 250 slates are there per square metre?

There are 20 per sq metre.

Is there a Waterproofing Solution that will immediately stop & prevent leaks?

There are many Acrylic Roof Solutions that can stop leaks immediately and even fixed through water with a brush. See our Waterproof Coatings under Roofing Accessories.

What fixings are required to fit Lead?

Lead can be fixed in many ways depending on the situation. We recommend the use of Angular Ringshank  Copper Nails, Hall Clips, Etc.  See our recommended Lead Fixings.

Can I use Silicon with lead?

No, it is not advised that Silicon be used with Lead.  The correct product to use is Lead Sealant, which is non reactive with Lead due to its chemical makeup.

What is the difference between Milled Lead & Cast Lead?

Cast Lead is a product that is left to settle in its melted form to the correct thickness (Code). This can quite often cause inconsistency in the finished thickness, and visible staining on the surface.  Milled Lead is rolled, thus giving a uniform thickness and a shiney finish.

What tools would you recommend to cut natural slates which leave me with a riven edge?

We would recommend using either a hand held Slate Cutter, which can also be used for counter sunk holing, or for larger jobs a Guillotine.

What is the estimated life expectancy of a Fibre Glass Roof covering?

Fibre Glass Roofing should last for a minimum of 20 years, but fitted correctly should easily exceed this.

Is it more practical & longer lasting to use Lead in my valleys?

Of course, Lead is historically always used in Roof Valleys. However, it is now possible to fit GRP Valley Troughs, leaving a traditional Valley or closing the open Valley by using the Dry Fix Valley Tough.