Corrapol corrugated bitumen foam eaves filler for Corrapol Corrugated bitumen roofing sheets. Price is per four fillers.

Corrugated roof sheets have been on the market for many years. They have developed a bad reputation as a result of fast yellowing. This causes the roof sheet to become brittle, causing cracks and holes.

However, Corrapol is different.

This sheet is extruded from a nearly unbreakable form of resin. This offers exceptional strength, clarity, and weather characteristics. Your Corrapol clear roof sheet will have a very long life span.

Corrapol has a UV protection layer, which allows the roof sheet to retain it’s strength, and remain looking great. The sheet’s structure also allows it to provide a cost-effective roof glazing solution.

Doesn’t break like PVC (virtually unbreakable)
Doesn’t discolour (estimated 25 year lifespan)
Doesn’t crack when fixing, unlike PVC
Exceptionally cost-effective
Cold frames
Covered equestrian areas

Length: 950mm