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Decra Cloaked Verge Left Hand Anthracite

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An extensive range of lightweight roofing accessories are available,

including eaves, ridge and tile ventilation systems, Decra Stratos lightweight roofing tiles are totally dry fixed throughout. Each tile has a downturned front edge and an upturned rear edge, and is contoured to provide a strong overlapping and interlocking roof covering. Decra lightweight roof tiles are produced in large format. This enables faster installation with fewer fixings compared to traditional tile or slate roofing.

Once installed Decra lightweight roofing tiles provide an extremely robust, weather secure and low maintenance roof or vertical covering.

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The Decra Cloaked Verge Cap has been designed to provide an attractive, maintenance free dry fixed solution which more closely emulates traditional roofscapes by offering a more natural transition from tile to gable than previously possible.

When using the Decra Cloaked Verge Cap fix the bargeboard level with the bottom edge of the tile battens.

Underlay should over sail the edge of bargeboard by 25mm. Turn edge of underlay down the outer face of the barge board and tack into place.  The cut ends of the tile battens must be in line with the outer edge of the bargeboard.  Install 50mm x 25mm treated gable runner batten on top of the tile battens (outer edge of gable runner batten to be inline with outer face of bargeboard).

Cover bottom edge of bargeboard with cloaking piece of Decra (this can be cut from a piece of Decra top course or ridge cap).

Starting at the eaves and working up the slope install Decra Cloaked Verge cap on top of tile flange (i.e. over the gable runner battens) and secure with two Decra fixing nails.

The heads of vertical nails should be sealed using a Decra finishing kit.

For use at gables, verges & barges.
Cover – 370mm.

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