Suitable for TapcoSlate Classic, TapcoSlate Aledora and TapcoShake this accessory is a dry-fix slate/shake dry verge system accessory used to clip together the joints in both of our Dry Verge systems, helping to keep your roof water tight by enabling water to pass down the drip edge and into the gutter. This one-size-fits-all accessory can be scored and then bent accordingly to accommodate both sizes of our Dry Verge – 6mm thickness tile (TapcoSlate Classic), and 10mm thickness tile (TapcoSlate Aledora and TapcoShake) for all roofs. Available in black only. The dry verge system is installed on gable ends securing slates/shakes and protecting the verge from wind uplift and the elements. This product is available for use with either interlocking tiles, or natural and man-made double lap tiles. It helps to provide a neat, weatherproof, continuous, maintenance free finish to the gable. Manufactured from high durability extruded UV inhibited PVC-u.

  • Provides full wind uplift and rain protection.
  • Patented ‘Drip System’ which allows for self drainage of rain water into the gutter.
  • Extremely easy and quick to install.
  • Requires no maintenance once installed.
  • Suitable for both sizes of Dry Verge accessories.