Pack of 25 Tapco Slate – Stone Black (701)

Made from recyclable plastic and Dolomite limestone, Tapco Slate has the random texture and edges of natural slate.

• Tapco Slate is lightweight, (from only 12 kgs/sq. metre), easy to handle and can be fixed by either hammer and nail or nail gun.

• Strong, cost effective, recyclable and attractive.

• No breakage, wastage, drilling or sorting required.

• Available in a range of attractive colours and blends.

• A production induced camber ensures the slates follow the roof contours for maximum wind uplift protection.

• Tapco Slates have excellent weathering characteristics; they will not curl, lift or delaminate, and are impermeable to water.

• BBA Certified.

• Tapco Slates are backed by a Limited Lifetime warranty.

Size (Slate)

• 17.5” x 11.6” (445mm x 295mm) (including horizontal spacers).

Weight (Slate)

• 0.65 kgs.

Minimum Pitch

• 14 degrees (fully boarded roof).

• 22.5 degrees (felt/batten roof).


• 6” at 14 to 25 degrees.

• 6.5” at 25 to 27.5 degrees.

• 7” at 27.5 to 30 degrees.

• 7.5” above 30 degrees.

• Please also see coverage/gauge table on the FAQ page or the Fixing Guide.


• 22 slates/sq. metre at 14 to 25 degrees.

• 20 slates/sq. metre at 25 to 27.5 degrees.

• 19 slates/sq. metre at 27.5 to 30 degrees.

• 18 slates/sq. metre above 30 degrees.

• Please also see coverage/gauge table on the FAQ page or the Fixing Guide.

Packaging Pallet

• 1600 Slates (1.04 tonnes).

• Bundle: 25 slates (16.25kg).

Batten Size

• 1.5” (38mm) by 1” (25mm) treated battens (minimum).


• Large-headed galvanised 1.2” (30mm) by 0.1” (2.5mm) steel nails (using hammer or nail-gun).

• Aluminium or copper nails may also be used, but driving them through the slate may cause bending.


• Fine-toothed handsaw, jigsaw, circular saw, or sharp utility blade.


• Tapco Slates should not be stored on roof decks in such a manner as to over-stress and/or damage the deck and supporting structure.

Cold Weather Installation

Tapco Slates should be stored in original packaging in a storage facility where the temperature meets or exceeds 7°C.

Use protective coverage over all pallets while being temporarily stored on-site.

Tapco Slates must be conditioned at a temperature no lower than 7°C for twenty-four (24) hours prior to use.

Tapco Slate may be installed at temperatures as low as 0°C but must be hand fastened, the use of a pneumatic gun below 7°C will result in cracking and webbing in the fastened area.

Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s installation requirements for all underlay or membrane and any other applications.

Comply with any and all local building regulations.