VELUX ACTIVE Smart Home Indoor Climate Sensor

The VELUX ACTIVE indoor climate smart sensor monitors your home’s internal temperature, CO2 levels, brightness and controls your VELUX INTEGRA® products accordingly. If your kitchen is too hot, your VELUX INTEGRA® windows will open to allow fresh air into your home and bring your internal temperature back to normal. Similarly, if the VELUX ACTIVE smart sensors detect too much daylight entering your room, your VELUX INTEGRA® blinds or shutters will respond accordingly.

Multiple sensors can be purchased if you have more than one room with VELUX INTEGRA® products.

VELUX has teamed up with ground-breaking smart home technology company Netatmo, to develop a brand-new state-of-the-art indoor climate solution called VELUX ACTIVE. The system ensures a healthier indoor climate by automatically ventilating two-to-three times daily to remove stale, harmful air.

The Indoor Climate Sensor comes as standard with the VELUX ACTIVE Kit, but needs to be purchased separately if you have VELUX INTEGRA windows installed in multiple rooms and want ACTIVE to work throughout the home.

Designed to be quick and easy to install and work with all VELUX INTEGRA® products, VELUX ACTIVE can be used to control and operate electric or solar roof windows, blinds and shutters.

To discover more about VELUX ACTIVE visit the support page here.