VELUX EDN CK02 Recessed Slate Flashing – 55cm x 78cm

For over 60 years, VELUX® has been the byword for design in roof windows. We never stop innovating.

Recessed slate flashings – EDN
Recessed flashings provide a sleek, streamlined finish as the window is installed deeper in the roof structure meaning that less of the window protrudes above the roofline.
For recessed installation heights install the brackets at the sides of the frame and at the blue line level.
Recessed flashings for installing one roof window into slate up to 8mm thick.
Not for interlocking slate.
Roof pitch between 20 and 90°.
10 year guarantee.

VELUX flashings integrate with the roof covering to provide a weathertight finish around the window.
They are compatible with virtually any type of roofing material, from standard covers such as slate and tiles through to corrugated sheeting or even thatch.
Flashings are designed to sit under the roofing materials.
The water from the roof is then collected in the built-in guttering system.
The gutter overlaps a second section of the flashing to help the water flow smoothly down the side of the window.

Recessed Slate Flashing for Profiles upto 8mm Thick