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Decra Lightweight Roof Tiles


Roofin Store | A huge range of lightweight tiled roof products, all available to buy online at every day low prices…

Here at Roofin Online Store we’re specialists in lightweight roofing products for a huge variety of tiled roof projects. We offer a huge range of industry-leading brands such as Tapco Slate, Decra Lightweight Roofing, Metrotile Roofing, Britmet Tileform, Velux Roof Windows, Cromar Building Products, Easy-Trim Roofing and much more.

Our range of lightweight roof tiles are perfect for all applications including Tiled Conservatory Roofs, garages, carports, garden rooms, extensions, house roofs and more. Many of the products we sell are extremely durable and come complete with manufacturer warranties and BBA Approval.

The friendly and professional team at Roofin Online Store are experts in lightweight roofing have vast industry knowledge, so if you’re looking for assistance with your order please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0161 302 3100.

Everyday Low Prices on a Huge Range of Lightweight Roofing Products…

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