Cromar Leadax Lead Alternative – 150mm x 6m Roll – Grey

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Leadax is the first lead alternative in the world with the same properties as traditional lead. Leadax is not harmful to health or the environment. A new generation of lead alternative which is not only easier to use but also easier on your pocket. From cavity walls to chimneys, Leadax is used and processed in exactly the same way as lead —  without compromise!

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The product is subject to regular and comprehensive UV ageing tests, and is guaranteed to be water resistant for at least 20 years.


Leadax is the first lead substitute in the world with the same properties as traditional lead. Leadax is not harmful to health or the environment.

Range of colours

Leadax comes in lead grey as standard however the product is also available in black, roof-tile red and other colours, such as copper, on request.

Longer roll lengths

Leadax is available in much longer strips (max. 12 metres). So you can seal larger areas with less overlap, saving you materials and time.


Leadax is BBA certified.

Circular material

The basic raw material is unused PVB left over from the production of laminated glass (e.g. car windows).



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